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Ultimate Beach Pack
Low Poly Ultimate Beach Pack of vehicles, animals, props and environment assets to create a summer beach themed polygonal style game.
  • Animals (x10)

Crab, sea turtle, flamingo, fish (x4) and starfish (x3)

  • Building (x20)

Beach bar (x2), beach pergola (x3), lifeguard tower, lighthouse, wooden pier (x3), wooden stage (x2), beach toilet, beach shower, referee chair and modular footpath parts (x6)

  • Props (x128)

Beach towel (x2), beach pillow (x6), ball (x2), chair (x4), bucket (x3), clothes – hat (x6), short (x3), tshirt (x3), swimsuit (x3), bikini top (x3), bikini bottom (x3), sunglasses (x5), cocktail (x5), cocktail umbrella, ice, lime slide, orange slide, coconut (x2), direction sign, dress hanger (x4), eyeglasses stand, flip flop (x4), flipper (x3), float noodle (x3), floating safety barrier, hammock, lifebuoy (x5), lifebuoy stand, oyster (x2), parasol (x5), pipet (x2), rake, sandcastle (x7), schnorkel (x2), seabed (x4), seashell (x8), shovel (x2), sunbed (x2), suncream (x2), swing (x3), table (x2), volleyball net

  • Environment (x112)

Modular cliff (x5), modular ground (x7), modular sand (x5), modular seaside (x8), modular sea, cloud (x6), flower (x11), grass (x4), moss (x14), coral (x8), palm tree (x4), dead tree (x5), tree (x6), rainbow (x3), plant (x9), pot (x2), rock (x4)

  • Vehicles (x17)

Canoe (x3), inflatable boat (x2), inflatable banana (x2), sandal, surfboard (x3), windsurf board (x2), ice cream truck and boat shovel (x3)

  • Scenes (x4)

Including 4 different scenes – tropical beach, luxury beach, beach club and underwater reef

  • Unity Version


  • Built-in


  • URP


  • HDRP

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