Cube Worlds Pack

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Cube Worlds Pack
The Low Poly Cube Worlds Pack - base blocks, buildings, props and environment assets to create a polygonal-style game.
  • Blocks (x52)

Ground, grass, sand, water, brick, and wood blocks

  • Building (x30)

Build blocks, doors, windows, stairs, statues, pillars, and arcway

  • Props (x58)

Barrels, chests, metal cubes, wood cubes, traps, barrow, boilers, banners, bones, skull, fire, vases, lanterns, rags, gong, axes, swords, and hammers

  • Environment (x105)

Trees, snow trees, dead trees, palms, cherry blossom trees, grass, flowers, mushrooms, ─▒vy, cactus, bamboo, rocks, clouds, stone fences, wood fences, broken fences, pathway blocks, and pool blocks

  • Scenes

Including Ancient Egypt, Jungle Temple, Castle, Portal, Greek Temple, and Samurai scenes

  • Unity Version


  • Built-in


  • URP


  • HDRP

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